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Transportation Coops

Coop-6-Q is 26” long x 17 ¾ wide x 4½” interior height. Its low interior height makes it suitable for transporting quail. It has a solid bottom, a lift-up door on the top & a sliding side door on 1 end. Coop 6 is drop-shipped from Kuhl Corp. Coop 6 will stack with another Coop 6, but won’t stack with a other coops. 





All coops are drop-shipped from Kuhl Corp. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery during peak times. With the exception of coop 16, 1 coop ships at the UPS DW rate of 45 lbs. 3 coops ship at the DW of 98 lbs. All coops are made of high density polyethylene and can easily be sanitized after each use. Kuhl Corporation continues to redesign & improve their coops so coops may not exactly resemble coops pictured on this page.

Coop 7 has a fast-fill top door, a push-in door on 1 end & a quick-release door on the other end; stacks with 8 & 10. Has a solid  bottom. Size 38” l x 23 w x 10 ½” h.   



 Coop 8 has lift-out doors on top & 1 end; side & top doors measure approximately 8” x 13”. Coop can be used to transport game birds or poultry.    Has a grid bottom. Size: 32” x 24 ” x 11”;




Coop 10  has a sliding top door & an end release door; has a solid bottom. Size  38” l x 23 w x 10 ½” h.    Coops 7, 10, & 14 can be stacked with one another.



Coop 14 is the same size & appearance of coops 7 & 10; has a sliding top & no end door; has a grid bottom.  (not pictured)



Coops 11-A, 12, & 13-A are 38 l x 22 ½ w x 10 ¾ h. Coops, made of high density polyethylene plastic, can be stacked together.  All coops have a grid bottom & will hold app. 14 adult birds

Coop11A has sliding top door and an end release door.



Coop 12 has 1 hinged lift-up top door. Coops 12 & 13 are stackable.  



Coop 13A has 1 sliding top door. All coops are polyethylene & can be hosed down & sanitized after using.




Coop 16 has 1 end door, 2 side doors, & no end door; holds 4 or more mature turkeys depending on their size. Size:  38” l x 22” w x 16 ¼” h turkey or large fowl coop; 1 to 2 coops ship at 98 lbs. DW. Drop-shipped from Kuhl Corp.





GBC1 Plastic crate  has a solid top and bottom. Bottom has micro texture to give birds traction.  There is a 12” opening on all 4 sides for hinged doors with spring latches. Doors can be mounted for right or left hand operation. Substitute a flip door on the end for speed in loading/unloading. The crates are stackable with one another. Crate size:  16” w x 24” l x 9 1/2” h. Coops are drop shipped from Pennsylvania.  Allow 7 days for delivery.

Out of stock until the second week of November.





Choose from the following crate options:


AC 0F1H3P   0 Flip Door/1 Hinged door/3 Panels

AC 0F2H2P   0 Flip Door/2 Hinged door/2 Panels

AC 0F3H1P   0 Flip Door/3 Hinged door/1 Panels

AC 0F4H0P   0 Flip Door/4 Hinged door/0 Panels


AC 1F0H3P   1 Flip Door/0 Hinged door/3 Panels

AC 1F1H2P   1 Flip Door/1 Hinged door/2 Panels

AC 1F2H1P   1 Flip Door/2 Hinged door/1 Panels

AC 1F3H0P   1 Flip Door/3 Hinged door/0 Panels