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All Sportsman incubators  & hatchers are constructed of high strength plastic board which makes the units well-insulated, quieter to operate, & easier to clean. The 1500 series come with the factory installed 3258 digital command center and the easy-view door. The 1202E has an analog multi-turn electronic thermostat control but can be upgraded to the 3258 should you desire to do so in the future. All units come  with  an instruction booklet and a moisture pan & 2 humidity pads.   


The prices listed below for these incubators and hatchers do not include shipping. These items are drop-shipped from GQF in Savannah, Georgia.  During the peak hatching season, allow 7 to 10 days  for delivery. 


Price increase effective 12/21/15. Our prices reflect a 5% discount off  products priced at $150.00 or more in the GQF catalog.


1502 GQF Sportsman Incubator (drop-shipped)



1502 Sportsman Incubator picked up at a show or at our farm


The 1502, pictured above left with T48 trays, features a digital thermostat, electronic egg turning control, audio/visual indicators, dual fans for better air circulation,  and an easy-view door.  An on-board computer monitors systems and the environment every second to keep itself and you updated. The LCD displays the temperature and humidity. The digital control module, heater, fan, and sensor module are “plug & play” & can be replaced by unplugging the existing unit and replacing it with a new unit.  The incubator has 3 metal turning racks and 1 plastic hatching tray (no cover).  If you want metal pull-out setting trays, order 3 #3067. Each turning rack holds 2 plastic egg trays which must be purchased separately. Capacity when the entire incubator is set: 6 KRC-59 trays - 354 bantam, partridge, or small pheasant eggs;  6 KRC-124 trays - 744 quail eggs (double stacking capacity is 1368);  6 T-30 trays - 180 chicken or large pheasant eggs;  6 T-20 trays - 120 duck, goose*, turkey, or peafowl, eggs; 6 T-36 trays - 198 duck, goose* turkey, or peafowl eggs, and 6 T-48 trays - 288 standard chicken, large pheasant, or guinea eggs. *Goose eggs over 3 ¾” in overall height cannot be set in an upright position.   Specifications:  automatic turning of setting racks, 1 #3258 Command Center pre-set thermostat with an operating range of 60º to 103º F depending on the room temperature, 110-120 VAC. 50/60 Hz, 325 watts.  Size:  30.86” h, 15.75” w, & 30.25” front to back. Shipping on hatchers & incubators - 96 lbs DW.  *To set large goose, turkey, or peafowl eggs over 3 ¾” in overall height, you can purchase #0249 setting tray pictured below.

1502 ET 1502 Incubator with 3 # 0249 Setting Trays



1502 incubator comes with three 24 ½” l x 12 ¾” w x 2” setting trays  with dividers that screw into the bottom of the tray so large goose, peafowl, or ratite eggs can be incubated on their sides. 45 to 60 geese eggs can be set using 3 trays.

GQF 1500 Professional Incubator*



1500 is designed for use with the 1550 hatcher. It has the same dimensions, specifications, and egg capacity as the 1502. It has 3 turning racks, but it does not have a hatching tray.   Shipping weight 96 pounds.

GQF 1202E Incubator*    



Automatic turning, circulated air incubator has the same dimensions & egg capacity as the 1502, but the temperature is controlled by a multi-turn electronic thermostat. It does not have the  digital command center. It comes with the easy-view door and a 3018 thermometer.  Shipping 96 pounds.

GQF 1550 Hatcher*



The 1550 hatcher with the #3258 digital Command Center has the same dimensions & specifications as the 1502. There are 4 stationary metal trays with covers & 1 uncovered plastic tray. Hatching trays will hold approximately 1250 quail eggs or 360 chicken eggs. Shipping weight 96 pounds.


Sportsman Incubator Packages


All shipping costs are included in the price listed to the right of each zone. With the 1202E, 1500, & 1502 packages, you get the incubator that best fits your needs plus 6 plastic egg trays of your choice, 1 #3030 automatic humidity bucket, & 1 #1627 25 hatching tray liners which are pictured below. The 1502ET comes with 3 #0249 egg trays &  1 #1627 25 hatching tray liners. The    #0249  tray is pictured below. 1502ETAH comes with 3 #0249 trays, 1 #3030, & 1 #1627 25 hatching tray liners.  (Information about these sheets is listed below.) Call us or email your zip code to us to find out your shipping zone.  We had not received the GQF Mfg. shipping rates at the time the catalog had to go to the printers.  We were told that their shipping charges for 2016 would be 5% higher than the 2015 charges so that’s how shipping charges were figured.  After I completed the catalog, I was notified that GQF was going to use the their 2015 shipping charges.  The adjustments have been made to the charges posted earlier.  These package prices are effective 1/12.16.


























$ 897.95




























 Allow 10 to 14 day s for delivery during the spring.

Prices subject to change without notice.


Metal Tray for Incubating Eggs Horizontally


24 ½” l x 12 ¾” w x 2” metal setting tray, pictured above left,  has dividers that screw into the bottom of the tray so large eggs such as goose, peafowl, or ratite eggs can be incubated on their sides. 45 to 60 geese eggs can be set using 3 # 0249 trays.   7  lbs shipping each tray.


Set of 3 Dividers (metal tray not included in purchase price). 1 set of 3 dividers is needed for each metal setting tray in which you want to incubate eggs horizontally.



25 DACB Hatching Tray Liners     


These liners perfectly fit the hatching drawer of all Sportsman incubators and provide a cushioned liner for the eggs as well as firm footing for newly hatched  chicks. These liners are 2-ply heavy paper. The top ply has been treated with a mild germicide to control bacteria and suppress odors.  Highly recommended, these disposable tray liners make for a quick and easy clean  up of the plastic hatching drawer. Liner size 13.25” X 27.69”  


Metal Setting Tray is 24 ” l x 12 ¾” w x 2” h



Metal Hatching Tray (no lid/cover) is 24 ” l x 14” w x 2” h



Metal Hatching Tray Lid/Cover