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Smith Poultry & Game Bird Supply


Kuhl laying nests are made of galvanized steel & plastic. Sides have ventilation holes. All nests are 33” h x 12” d. Nest holes measure 7” x 11½” x 12”. Nests come  with removable plastic nest bottoms & plastic perches. Use shavings or  Kuhl nest pads (purchased separately) on top of the nest bottoms. Nests are shipped unassembled. A Pop-Rivet Gun is needed to assemble K-8P, BB-5 * the various 10-hole nests.

Home Processing Equipment

Mfg. continues to redesign & improve nests so nests may not exactly resemble nests currently pictured on the web site.

K-2P    2-hole nest is 12” wide                       (wt.15 lbs.)


K-4P    4-hole nest  is 24” wide                       (wt. 24 lbs.)


K-6P    6-hole nest is 36” wide                       (wt. 36 lbs.)


K-8P    8-hole nest is 48” w.                           ( wt. 6 lbs. & 34 lbs.+)


K-10P  10-hole nest is 60” wide                     (wt. 8 lbs. & 34 lbs.+)


OS-10  Econo 10-hole nest is 60” wide          (wt. 8 lbs. & 34 lbs.+)


OS-10, which is not pictured,  is the same size  as K-10P & the nest openings are the same size, but it has metal bottoms & wooden perches.



KC-1 - Galvanized killing cones for broilers are  spot welded. Medium cone is 16” l  in back & 11” l in front. Diameter - top  9”;  bottom  3”


KC-2  - Turkey cone diameter 24” l  in  back & 11” l front. Diameter - top 15”; bottom  4”.


FCS* - 18” h x 20” sq. fiberglass scalder has a 150 watt heat element & a thermostat. (shipping DW 46 lbs


FSPM*  - Hard plastic picker is powered by a high torque 1/6  HP motor that operates at 1725 RPM. It has 28 fingers for picking feathers off poultry. Size:  42” h x 16” w x 42” l. (shipping wt. 60 lbs.)


TTP1* - Table-top picker has same specifications as FSPM. Size:  20” l (includes motor mounted at rear of picker), 14” w & 14 h.  (shipping wt. 50 lbs.)









Kuhl Big Bird Nests

Kuhl big bird nests are constructed of galvanized steel & plastic. They will accommodate large chickens. Plastic perches are wider to accommodate larger chickens. BB-2, BB-3, & BB-4 are single tier/side by side nests. They are 24” tall. BB-10, a double tier nest, is 40” tall. Nests are 14” deep. BB-3 is pictured left. +Because of their length, here is an $9.00 UPS special handling charge on BB-5 & BB-10.


Kuhl Front Roll-out Nests

ROLL-4    4-hole front rollout nest   is 3” h x 12” d x 24” w. All nests have plastic perches & come with plastic rollout nest bottoms. The hole size for all nests  is 7 ½’ x 12”.   All front roll-out nests have a rubber flap which covers the eggs in the roll-out area.


ROLL-6    6-hole front rollout nest  is 33” h x 12” d x 36” w.


ROLL-8    8-hole front rollout nest is 33” h x 12” d x 48” w.


ROLL10   10-hole front RO Nest with is 33” h x 12” d x 60” w


Econo-R10 Front  Rollout Nest


The Econo-R-10 front rollout nest, has metal bottoms & wooden perches. Overall size:  33” h x 60” w. Each nest hole is 7” h x 11 ½” w x 12” d.  (wt. 10 lbs. & 45 lbs.)


404B Brower 4-Hole Nest  measures 24”w x  11” d x 27 5/8” h


410B Brower 10-Hole Nest measures 60” w x  11” d x 27 ” h


Brower 404Bs and 410B nests have metal nest bottoms that can be removed for cleaning and litter replacement  Exposed edges are folded to prevent injury.  Double bolted wooden perches are hinged to allow closing.  Side ventilation holes allow fresh air flow to nesting hens. Metal pieces for hanging the nests are included.  Use 1 nest hole for every 4-6  hens. Nest opening size: 8” h x 11” w x 11” l.  Easy to assemble. 

410BRO Brower 10-Hole Roll-out Nest  measures 60” l x  27 ” h


In addition to the features listed above for the conventional Brower 4-hole nest, the 10-Hole Roll Out Nest comes with poly front roll-out nest bottoms The eggs roll to a protected tray to keep eggs cleaner & to reduce breakage.  Perches flip up for ease in collecting eggs. Nest openings measure 8” h x 11” w x 11” l . Shipping weights: 404B - 24 lbs. 410B & 410RO - 50 lbs & 10 lbs.  Nests are drop shipped from Houghton, IA.

Nests To Be Picked Up at our Farm or Delivered to an Event

Where We Set-up. Call for Information.

Hostetler Mfg. Co. Galvanized 4-Hole Nest


Hostetler Mfg. Co. Galvanized 6-Hole Nest


Nests, which are manufactured in Buffalo, Missouri,  are similar in design to the Brower 4-hole nest. Nests are assembled with the exception of the wooden perches.

Nest Pads & Nest Bottoms

PRO-10* - Set of 10 plastic rollout nest bottoms for regular Front Roll-out and Rear-10 nests


PRO-BB-10* Plastic Roll-out nest bottom for BB-2, BB-3, BB-4, and BB-5 big-bird front-rollout nests


PRO-BB-10 (10 Hole) Plastic nest bottoms for 10-hole big bird front rollout nests


PNB-10* - Set of 10 12” x 12” plastic nest bottoms.  


KNP12-10 - Set of 10 12 3/4” 11 5/8” plastic nest pads; can be cut to fit smaller nest


RONP10* - Set of 10 plastic nest pad die cut for rollout nest bottoms.


BB-2    2-hole Big Bird Nest 24” w                (wt. 17 lbs.)


BB-3    3-hole Big Bird Nest  36” w                (wt. 20 lbs.)


BB-4    4-hole Big Bird Nest 48” w                 (wt. 30 lbs.)


BB-5    5-hole Big Bird Nest 60” w                (7 lbs. & 40 lbs.+  


BB-10  10-hole Big Bird Nest 60” w               (wt. 10 & 61 lbs.) +



Kuhl Big Bird Front Roll-out Nests

Big bird roll-out nests are constructed of the same materials  & are the same size as the conventional big bird nests, but they are fitted with plastic roll-out nest bottoms. Hens enter the nest through the front, lay their eggs, & the eggs roll towards the front for easier collection. Nests have wide plastic perches to accommodate large breeds of chickens.  Nests do not come with nest pads. +Because of their length, there is an $9.00 UPS special handling charge on BB-5-Roll  & BB-10-Roll.

BB-2-Roll    2-hole BBRO Nest     24” w            (wt. 5 & 1 lbs.)


BB-3-Roll    3-hole BBRO Nest     36” w             (wt. 5 & 24 lbs.)


BB-4-Roll    4-hole BBRO Nest     48” w             (wt. 7 & 30 lbs.)


BB-5-Roll    5-hole BBRO Nest     60” w             (7 lbs. & 40 lbs.+


BB-10-Roll  10-hole BBRO Nest   60” w             (wt. 10 & 61 lbs. +  


Kuhl Rear Roll-out Nests

10-Hole Rear Rollout Nest, which is 60” wide,  is constructed of galvanized metal & plastic, has individual rollout bottoms &  is designed for those wanting to collect eggs from aisles between rows of pens.  Hens enter from the front & eggs roll out the back which is blocked so hens can’t exit the nest from the back. Back is hinged so one can inspect the nest. Shipped in 2 cartons -  40 lbs. & 10 lbs. + $8.50 special handling.  The picture shows the back of the nest

REAR-10  Roll-out Nest              


Brower Galvanized Nests

Other Items

EB3 Coated Wire Egg Basket holds 3 dozen eggs; size 8.5 l x 8 w x 5.65 h.  Eggs not included.


EB8 Coated Wire Egg Basket holds 8 dozen eggs;  size: 13.375 l x 13 w x 6.875 h.  Eggs not included.


EW2  - Egg Wipe ‘n’ Wash Wipes  25 count plant-based formulated wipes gently clean eggs.  One wipe cleans approximately dozen eggs depending on the soil level of the eggs.


JiffyII-1 - Scale  has basket to hold eggs;  weighs in grams & ounces. 


CNE 12 - Plastic Chicken Nest Eggs 


GNE 6 - Plastic Goose Nest Eggs 


0204* - Polystyrene chicken egg cartons do not have any printing on them and are ready for your label . Each carton holds one dozen eggs. Package of 100 cartons.


EB5 - Egg Brush with 5 extra bands