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Smith Poultry & Game Bird Supply

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Home Processing Equipment

Killing cones, scalders & pickers are drop-shipped from Nebraska.

 After ordering, allow 3 to 4 days for delivery.

KC-1 - Galvanized killing cones for broilers are  spot welded. Medium cone is 16” l  in back & 11” l in front. Diameter - top  9”;  bottom  3”


KC-2  - Turkey cone diameter 24” l  in  back & 11” l front. Diameter - top 15”; bottom  4”.


FCS1 - Single Element Poultry Scalder 


FCS2 - Dual Element Poultry Scalder           

The fiberglass scalder has a thermostat to maintain  the water temperature under heavy use. The single element scalder has one 1500 Watt heat element and can heat water to 155º.  The  duel element scalder has 2 1500 Watt elements so that the water can heat faster. (You can choose to use only 1 element if you desire.) Dimensions:  18”  square.  The scalder holds app. 14 gallons of water.







TTP1* - Table-top picker has 28 rubber fingers that remove feathers from chickens, pheasants, and other birds in as little as 30 seconds.  High torque 1/6 hp motor operates at 1725 RPM.  It has a safety grate on the top and a belt guard on the side.  Size: 12” w x 20” x 14”


The manufacturer, who has been in business since 1982 guarantees the workmanship on the pickers, excluding the coating, for 5 years. The motor is guaranteed for one year by the manufacturer.

FSPM*  - High density polyvinyl material is easy to clean. 28 rubber fingers  remove feathers from chickens and other birds in as little as 30 seconds.  Has high torque 1/6 hp motor that operates at 1725 RPM.  4 removable steel legs bolt to the sides. Dimensions: 33” h x 16” w x 42” l.  Call for a shipping quote on scalders and pickers.  Call us for replacement parts.